What is GameSub?
GameSub is a Gaming Subscription Service, which lets you play an unlimited array of games at one low flat fee

Is this a digital download?
Nope. it is a physical copy of the game.

How much do i pay a month to be a member of GameSub?
RM 49.90 / Month

Can i cancel anytime?
Of course you can. No contract. Cancel anytime.

How many games am i entitled to play as a member of GameSub?
UNLIMITED. However, we do suggest that you give the game at least a week's worth of trying, before moving on to the next one. That way, you can truely be sure that this is not the game you want

How will be game be delivered to me?
It will be delivered to you via Pos Laju or any equivalent means of delivering

Is delivery to the address FREE?
Yes. We will mail-in the game to you for FREE. But in return we ask that you do the same when you send us the game card

Can i pick it up at a physical address instead?
Absolutely. We have a partner address in which we work with to allow you to switch the game titles of your choosing

Why is there a deposit of RM 149.90?
The deposit is to ensure that the game copy we've sent out remain in mint condition and playable for the next GameSub-er to play like how you would play it. Play more means playing together ;)

What happens if i really like the game? and keep the game.
Keep it! We'll sell you the game a discounted rate :)

Is this only available in Malaysia?
YES. we are currently operating exclusively ONLY in Malaysia. All Malaysia Address East and West Malaysia is available for us to send over

I notice there is only Nintendo SWITCH game titles, is there more?
Absolutely, we've started with Nintendo SWITCH titles to kickstart GameSub, but there is no reason for us to hold back on Playstation and Xbox titles. Stay tune for more updates

How do i switch to another game?
  1. Select the game in which you need to switch to
  2. Make sure the game you are about to switch to is available in the inventory (Indicated in the game selection title)
  3. Upon confirmation, proceed with switching process
  4. You can either send the game back to us - HERE
  5. OR drop off at one of our partner's location
  6. Receive the game you want